Hell in the Woods | FAQ
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hell in the woods


Is The Route Fully Marked?

Yes. The course will be marshalled as well as having directional signs and tape on course.

How Difficult is the Route?

This is a tough but highly enjoyable 15 mile route.  Lots of rain makes it harder but there is nothing in here that the every day trail runner can’t handle.  Expect forest tracks, tight trails, cross country moorland and open single track.

Are There Cut Off Times?

There are no strict cut-off times in force, so take as long as you want, however, we do need to be at work on Monday!

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. All participants must enter in advance using our online booking.

What are the recommended kit requirements for the run?

Mandatory kit:

  • Off road trainers/trail shoes.
  • Full body cover (either worn or carried) including waterproof jacket
  • Mobile phone. It can be a vital lifeline in an emergency.
  • Emergency foil space blanket
  • Emergency whistle
  • Enough fluid/nutrition for ah hours run

Please wear clothing that you are comfortable running in but also suitable for the weather conditions and also the climatic changes which can take place over the duration of the event. You’re all experienced and know what suits you better than we do. 

What does my entry fee provide?

As well as a custom medal and a friendly, relaxed and professionally organised event, the entry fee provides you with a running number, full race support provided by the event crew including assistance as necessary, such as race drop-out support, medical cover, electronic timing, feed stations and route marking. 

What is the Maximum Number of Entrants for this Race?

The total number of competitors in the event will be limited to 400.

What is the Latest I can Sign Up?

We will close entry to the event 14 days prior to the race or when the maximum number of entrants is reached.

Can I Enter on the Day of the Race?

We may accept entries on the day if the event is not sold out. Check our Facebook page for last minute updates or drop us a line to find out.

What happens if I drop out during the event?

We encourage anyone to try as hard as they can but there is no point in going beyond your limits. Injury, fitness or even a family emergency may mean you have to leave the event. If this happens at any point after you have registered and collected your bib number, then you must go to the nearest checkpoint/marshal or Registration and let them know you are dropping out. We will have a final count of who has finished so if you drop out and don’t notify us then we’ll presume you are missing and a lot of people will start looking for you!

If I need to withdraw before the day of the race itself, is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds or deferrals available once entered, however, you are able to transfer your entry to another person up to 14 days prior to the event if you are unable to attend.

What happens if the event is cancelled or abandoned?

We may need to modify the route or even cancel the event, if circumstances beyond our reasonable control arise, such as, but not limited, to a force majeure (event that is a result of nature e.g. severe flooding). Should this arise and it is deemed to negatively impact upon the safety of the event we will communicate this to you as soon as practicable via the e-mail address you have provided. A decision to cancel the event may in extreme circumstances be taken on the day or during the course of the event. The safety of competitors, spectators and race officials and volunteers is our overriding priority.

Should the event be cancelled we will do everything possible to reschedule the event to a future date. All entries will be carried forward to this new date. Should the event be cancelled due to these circumstances and due to the fixed costs associated with the event we will not be able to provide refunds on this basis.

In the event of abandonment, postponement or cancellation of the event we will have no responsibility for any associated costs of competitors including travel and accommodation costs.

For full terms and conditions please visit here.

Are there Age Limits for Participants?

For this trail run, all runners must be 18 or over on the day of the event.

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